Pink Steps Challenge event in UAE for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising

Pink Caravan is a Pan UAE initiative for early detection of breast and cervical cancer, launched in 2011 and falls under Friends of Cancer Patients’ umbrella “Kashf” Pink Caravan medical team conducted 75,089 clinical examinations and 80 positive breast cancer cases were detected since inception. 

Print shop for me has beed a strong supporter for Pink caravan and appluads the beutiful work they do by having actual test done compared to just distributing flyers or brochures which is so important . Please signup to their campaing and support if you can its a great cause.

In October, Pink Caravan and Relay for Life are launching the Pink Steps Challenge to spread awareness about breast cancer early detection where corporates and individuals can participate and support those affected by cancer.

How to enroll in the pink steps challenge ?  Download the form Here  or learn more about the pink steps challenge in UAE for Breast cancer awarreness month of october or visit Friends of cancer paitents 

Are you raising funds for breast cancer awareness or organising a fundraising and need ideas or products ?

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Lets chat on your requirement for your campaign also a part of the funds we earn from selling breast cancer awareness products we give back to organisations that help the cause so you can know you are dealing with an ethical supplier.